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Grade II Listed AV Installation

Foresight AV services included:

  • Project management on and off site
  • Project engineering on and off site
  • System design, CAD drawing and documentation
  • Factory build and Test
  • Delivery to Site
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Programming where applicable
  • Handover and user training

Central London
March 2011

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Foresight AV were commissioned to design and install a complex integrated system in a Grade II Listed library in central London. This involved consultancy, design & installation of AV/VC and streaming services within the refit of a Grade II listed building, Central London.

Large Format Display-Video Projection and Supporting Plasma Screens

  • Foresight AV installed a large format high contrast front projection ceiling mounted screen within the library at the RSC headquarters, tab tensioned projection screen size is 4m wide by 3m high, and adjustable for viewing height.
  • The projector was installed at the rear of the room with a super long throw lens on it - very high native resolution, bright, and high contrast ratios/good black levels.
  • Additional plasma screens were installed, built into new floor standing credenzas with automatic lift to house screens and speakers within the credenza and out of view when not in use. They displayed PC, Video or VC based information, plus all types of audio from both voice and video built into these freestanding units but not affecting the fabric of the library.
  • Images from all sources were selectable from a new matrix such that any input could be routed to any or all outputs (with accompanying audio following) to any combination of projector and plasma options.

Video Conferencing

  • Video conferencing was provided in the library in the form of three pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras, connected to a sophisticated Video Conference Codec, with streaming & broadcasting capability for feeds over the RSC website.
  • The VC system connected both over ISDN lines or IP and contained its own MCU for connection to multiple sites simultaneously, both video & audio, and also with Web streaming capability (webcast).
  • The video conference system operated as part of the integrated AV system and was recordable using the DVD recorders in the rack.

Audio Equipment

  • A sophisticated 2 part audio system was installed, to handle display and audio/VC speech, using wireless and fixed microphones, with radio microphones for back up use.
  • Conference dialing and set-up options were accessible from the central control system via the user interfaces, along with volume control and far end level control. An induction loop was included for hearing impaired visitors.

Control System

This managed the following:

  • Display of images from a DVD Player and recording to DVD Provision for laptop computers to be connected at six points in the room
  • Video conferencing via a Multipoint Codec with built in MCU and graphics input
  • Audio conferencing with sophisticated microphone management and speech reinforcement
  • Audio systems to replay audio from any of the above devices
  • Recording of meetings for immediate web cast and storage
  • Supplied as a fully integrated AV system controlled by touch panel.