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Multi-Function Boardroom

Five Broadcasting

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Channel Five Broadcasting needed a multi-functional room in their Covent Garden headquarters for in three distinct purposes. As well as a boardroom, they also wanted to use the room for screenings, and in addition as a clear space for entertaining. Foresight/Hocken Audio Visual were appointed to design and provide the installation.

For boardroom and presentation use, a ceiling mounted Epson EMP-7900 multi-media projector was installed, which projects either data or video onto a custom-built Stewart frameless screen. When the room was used for screenings the lightweight carbon fibre boardroom table could simply be removed in order to allow seating that was stowed & concealed in the wall space to replace it on the floor. Up to 30 people could be accommodated for watching previews and other screenings.

The third function required of the room was called “party” and in this environment the floor was kept clear with sound and video as the focus. A number of lighting effects were created using a built-in art wall. The wall had built-in arrays of multi-coloured LEDs that covered its surface.

Overall, the room lighting was controlled by a Lutron Integrale Grafik Eye and distinctly different lighting “scenes” were set for the 3 different roles that the room fulfilled.