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Drupal is our preferred content management platform. It is powerful, scalable, easy to use, cost efficient and fast to deploy.

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Drupal Open Source Platform

For many clients, the most daunting aspect of commissioning a website is undoubtedly the task of collating and managing the content, both for the initial launch and once the site is live. 

At Torpedo Factory, this is handled by way of a content management system. Many traditional web development companies have legacy platforms, developed in-house during the last decade, from which they need to generate a return. We recommend Drupal.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source platform that has a global community of developers who are continually improving and upgrading the functionality to enhance online experiences for all types of websites.  Drupal is free and does not require any licensing.

Having worked with numerous content management systems, Drupal provides our clients with high value, ease of use and the flexibility to accommodate our clients’ changing requirements.

Drupal is fast to deploy, secure, and highly customisable. Drupal is frequently upgraded with new security enhancements and functionality to enable you to take advantage of the latest releases and updated modules. Drupal is not only supported by us; it has one of the largest open source communities world wide behind it.

Drupal open source provides the first possibility for a website platform for life. 

Who is using Drupal?

Drupal is very widely used here are just a few websites you may of heard of:

What does Drupal cost?

There are no licence fees. It is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence with free upgrades that are available with each new release of Drupal from the Drupal Development Community.

The only cost involved is our time to design, configure, customise, and host your website.

What is included with Drupal?

Drupal core which is the base installation that provides the basic functionality for any website. We however, recommend the use of a few additional modules to ensure your website provides you with an effective and powerful system.

Storefront Features

  • Friendly URLs
  • Meta data
  • Optimised styles sheets
  • Video player for mobile devices in multiple video file formats
  • Dynamic XML site maps
  • Page-by-page social media bookmarking

Administration area Tools

  • WYSIWYG (What You See is What you Get) text editor Image library
  • Link manager
  • Pop-up date tools
  • Template based designs
  • User controlled site structure
  • Administrator roles: editor, publisher, superuser


  • Google Analytics
  • XML Site map
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Back office system integration