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Improve your website Search Engine Optimisation


While we can provide full website design and development services, we would be delighted to provide a SEO audit of your existing website.

We ensure you get the maximum search engine exposure from the primary search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Search engine keyword algorithms are constantly changing and adapting to popular demand. Some of these recent influences include:

  • Social Media websites sites that now generate more website traffic than Google.
  • Broadband speeds that enable users to stream video online, making this a more effective means of communicating business messages.
  • Mobile phone devices will become a more popular means of accessing the internet than PCs by 2013.

We instinctively consider SEO in the initial design and markup of our websites.  You will therefore, get the optimum exposure using your keywords and content during your online campaigns and day-to-day.

While SEO is very important to attract new business, it is also critical to have off page website marketing to drive traffic to your website using social media campaigns, hard copy advertising, Google Adwords etc.