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Webcast events, presentations and meetings over the internet, live or on-demand.

Our webcast capture system allows you to capture and easily deliver streaming audio and video, with synchronised slides, to give a rich media presentation. Listeners and viewers can simultaneously log on to find the event and experience a high quality webcast. The capture system also provides a range of tools to equip your audience to interact with the speaker in a controlled manner. 
We offer managed and unmanaged webcasting, along with permanent webcast installations.
  • Educational lectures

  • Business conferences

  • Seminars

  • Software demonstrations

  • Product launches

  • AGMs

  • Webinars

  • Conferences

  • Public council meetings

  • Church sermons

  • Graduations

  • Wedding ceremonies

Each webcast is tailored to meet your specific requirements using your existing equipment on site, and your preferences on how it is delivered online. Our experience team will ensure your event will ensure your event runs smoothly both at the venue and online.