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When to contact us?
Contact us today to discuss your inital requirements with one of our industry-leading consultants.


Each webcast is tailored to meet your specific requirements using existing equipment on site, and your preferences regarding how it is delivered online. We provide the  equipment and trained technicians to ensure your event runs smoothly both at the venue and online. 

Depending on the event you are running, the webcast system can provide a number of options on either your website or on a bespoke microsite that is specific to your organsiation or event.

  Microsite Your website
Live Streaming
On Demand
Free To View
Subscribe To View  
Pay To View  

Post production editing

We also have a full editing suite which enables us to carry out post production such as:

  • Title screen

  • Credits screen

  • Subtitling

  • Video editing

  • Advertising future events


Webcasts can be set up in most venues, with or without a broadband connection. 

Webcast Diagram

We can work with your AV equipment or provide suitable equipment as required.

  • Internet connection: 1+ Mb/s up and down is recommended between the capture system and internet
  • Video Camera: With digital video outputs
  • Microphone: If more than one microphone is used, mixing desk will be required
  • Computer with (Powerpoint or Keynote): Used for the synchronised slides
  • *Webcast capture unit: For streaming the content to the cloud server
  • *UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply): To avoid any power surges that may interrupt the presentation

* Always supplied by Torpedo Factory.